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Doncic Dictates, Dallas Dominates: Mavericks Crush Clippers in Game 5, Lead Series 3-2

Luka Doncic was on fire Wednesday night, leading the Dallas Mavericks to a resounding 123-93 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers in Game 5 of their first-round playoff series. With a stat line of 35 points, 10 assists, and 7 rebounds, Doncic was simply unstoppable, propelling the Mavericks to a 3-2 series lead and putting them on the brink of closing out the Clippers.

Mavericks: Doncic Takes Over

Mavericks: Luka

The Slovenian superstar was aggressive from the get-go, showcasing his full offensive arsenal. He weaved through Clippers defenders with his signature Eurostep, rose over them for contested finishes, and found open teammates for easy buckets. In the second half, with the game still hanging in the balance, Doncic took his game to another level. He scored 20 of his 35 points after halftime, putting the Clippers on their heels and silencing the Los Angeles crowd.

Mavericks: Lights Out Kleber

Mavericks: Maxi Kleber

Maxi Kleber was another key contributor for the Mavericks. The German big man caught fire from beyond the arc, knocking down five three-pointers on his way to 17 points. His timely shooting stretched the Clippers’ defense and opened up driving lanes for Doncic and Kyrie Irving.

Mavericks: Irving Provides Steady Support

Mavericks: Kyrie Irving

While Doncic and Kleber stole the show, Kyrie Irving played a solid supporting role. He chipped in with 14 points, showcasing his scoring prowess when needed. More importantly, Irving’s ball handling and playmaking helped take some of the pressure off Doncic, allowing him to focus on scoring.

Defensive Masterclass

The Mavericks’ defense deserves a lot of credit for their dominant performance. They shut down the Clippers’ offense, holding them to just 93 points. They contested shots effectively, forced turnovers, and limited Kawhi Leonard and Paul George to inefficient shooting nights.

Quarter-by-Quarter Breakdown

  • 1st Quarter: The Mavericks came out strong, taking a 32-25 lead after the first twelve minutes. Doncic had 10 points and 3 assists to set the tone for Dallas.
  • 2nd Quarter: The Clippers fought back to tie the game at halftime, 50-50. However, Doncic’s scoring and Kleber’s three-point shooting kept Dallas in the contest.
  • 3rd Quarter: This was the turning point of the game. The Mavericks outscored the Clippers 34-19, extending their lead to 18 points heading into the final quarter. Doncic was unstoppable in this period, scoring 12 points and dishing out 4 assists.
  • 4th Quarter: The Clippers never threatened a comeback in the fourth. The Mavericks cruised to a comfortable victory, securing a crucial 3-2 series lead.

What should LA Clippers do on game 6?

The Clippers face an uphill battle in Game 6, being down 3-2 in the series and playing on the road in Dallas. Here are some areas they can focus on to improve their chances:


  • Get scoring from multiple players: Paul George can’t carry the scoring load alone. Reggie Jackson and other role players need to step up and hit open shots.
  • Limit turnovers: Careless turnovers have hurt the Clippers in the past games. Ball security is crucial, especially in a close game.
  • Attack the basket: Draw fouls and get easy shots by getting into the paint.


  • Contain Luka Doncic: Doncic has been on fire for the Mavericks. The Clippers need to make it difficult for him to score and create plays for others.
  • Improve three-point defense: The Mavericks have been lights out from three in some games. Tightening up on the perimeter is essential.
  • Box out and rebound: Limit second-chance opportunities for the Mavericks by securing rebounds effectively.

Overall Adjustments:

  • Sense of urgency: Play with desperation and a do-or-die mentality.
  • Coaching adjustments: Coach Lue might consider lineup changes or scheming different defensive looks to slow down the Mavericks.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • The Clippers haven’t scored over 100 points in two of their losses this series. They need to find a way to generate more offense.
  • Some fans are calling for reduced playing time for certain players who haven’t been productive.
  • The Mavericks are favored by 7.5 points, but the Clippers can pull off an upset if they execute well.

Remember, this is just an analysis, and the outcome of the game will depend on how both teams perform on the court.

Looking Ahead

With their backs against the wall, the Clippers will need a desperate effort to avoid elimination in Game 6. The pressure is definitely on them, especially Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, who will need to step up offensively. The Mavericks, on the other hand, can smell victory. They will look to close out the series at home in Dallas and advance to the second round of the playoffs for the first time since 2022.

This series has been a rollercoaster ride, but one thing is certain: Luka Doncic is playing like an MVP. If he continues to dominate, the Mavericks will be a tough team to beat.


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